1. I don’t enter the studio with a preconceived idea. I work with nude models who determine the pose according to their own character and physical geometry. The attitude of the pose is the model’s expression of personality, them saying, “This is me.” I look for a dialogue between the attitude of the pose and the form created by it. This conjoining of pose and form takes place intuitively within the model and manifests itself in an outward presentation that is both naked and self-assured. The sculpture begins with this offering; I then work with the narrative suggested. … I wait for what is presented and seek the poetry in it.” - Christopher Smith

    A feature article on Christopher Smith, one of Fleisher’s great teaching artists.
    In the Spring, Smith will be working with three courses: He will instruct a 5-week “Mini-Course,” Direct Plasteras well as Two Figure Sculpture, and will monitor Casting Open-Studio.

    Learn more about Christopher Smith’s Work on his website, or check out his spring workshops at Fleisher.

    You can also:

    Register for Direct Plaster
    Register for Casting Open-Studio

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