Erin M. Riley Lecture - Thursday, December 15, 6:00pm at Fleisher.

    The Fleisher Art Memorial is delighted to present an artist lecture by Wind Challenge 2 Artist, Erin M. Riley. For her current Wind Challenge exhibition, Erin displays a body of new & recent hand woven tapestries sourced from digital images found through Google Image Search and Facebook. Girls, drugs, cars and guns… the newfound physicality of these images forces viewers’ to explore the changing lives of young adults, and ask what the long term effects of these documents might be. In her artist lecture, Erin will track the creative process that brought her to this most recent body of work, as well as provide context for her rowdy and oft-misunderstood imagery.

    Ms. Riley received her BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and her MFA from the Tyler School of Art. In addition, she also studied jacquard weaving under the tutelage of Louise Lemieux Bérubé, an innovator in the field. Ms. Riley has had solo exhibitions and residencies all across the United States. This lecture offered by Erin M. Riley and Fleisher is part of a new series of events that will be offered by each of the Wind Challenge awardees.


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